Pickens County Beekeepers
Pickens County, South Carolina
The Pickens County Beekeepers welcome you to beautiful Pickens County!   We keep bees here at the edge of
the Blue Ridge Mountains.  It is a fascinating occupation and we invite you to join us in learning more about
bees and beekeeping.
Come join us at 7:00 pm the second Thursday of every month except July, at the Pickens Presbyterian Church,
311 West Main Street, Pickens.  Park in the western-most lot (large lot) and enter All Saints Hall through
the glass doors, past the church office, on the cemetery side.  For directions, click on the link.

The next Pickens County Beekeepers Association meeting is:   12 February 2015  
Contact us with questions or for more information:  pcbeekeepers@yahoo.com
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Hey!  Check out this website from the Extension - it is pretty cool!

Do you have a beekeeping question, problem, or issue?  Or one about honey?  PCBA has a mentor list,
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Permanent link to the Save the Hives  feral bees projects.  http://www.savethehives.com/ Healthy Hives for healthy lives
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Picture by D. Blecke
Well, I've got my spring boxes ready to go and I've started putting foundation
in my cleaned up frames.  There look to be some nice days coming up, we
need to check our bees and make sure they have enough food to get them
through until spring bloom -

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USDA Honey Bee Report

2012 Nat'l Honeybee Pest and Diseases Survey Report
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NEWSLETTERS - There are some really good, really cool newsletters for beekeepers out there now.  I thought I would try to start a
list of the best ones, linked so ya'll can go sign up for them.  If you find any others, send them to me at:  
WebWitch  Maybe we'll come up with
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Kelley Bees Archives (sign up for the letters to come to you at the bottom of this page)
Malcomb Sanford's APIS Archives  (sign up for the newsletter at the top of the page)
I taught about bee plants, products of the hive, and pollination on 25 January 2014; some of the students asked if the list of common plants that need
at least some kind of pollination was on the website.  It is, on the
Pollination page, along with some other links.    the WebWitch
Check out Kerry's new
Beekeeping calendar for
Pickens County SC!
NCBA and SCBA will hold
a joint meeting next year.
For more information, go to
the NCBA website by
The spring 2015 Short Course for Beginning Beekeepers starts Saturday 24 January
at Hay Day Farms, 130 Hay Day Drive, Pickens.  The second meeting will be at the
Presbyterian Church, 311 West Main Street, Pickens.  Class starts at 9:00 am.